Durability is it an individual choice or a collective algorithm

Today I wish to share my learning towards this encompassed law of human durability. Though several questions are running in my subconscious mind, I have this impenetrable theory among the laws of human literature. Durability can become a theoretical value. The symptoms of human behavior say durability can never become a human value. But in practice, every good has durability in its depreciated formulae. From an economic point of view, I saw that every country wants to safeguard its elements of purposefulness in the humanity of durability. But in a theoretical sense, the literature says every portion of life is an enumerated example of testified durability. Life is not durable in human values. Do you see the difference? Life can never become durability in human values, but yes, commodities for sale can become durability in human values. Commodities that are sold in the market can become durable in their value through manufactured and expired dates. Still, yes, a life of human theoretical values can never become durable in its values. This is the symptom of a failing economy. It is essential to be having significant trade-offs with everything in opportunities available for a person or an organization but having trade-offs in human values is a symptom of a failing economy. The entity in a relationship can show success through mathematical equations and proofs of identical similarities found in history. But do you remember as a role model the eternal rulers who stood for non-negotiated values, or probably do we experiment taking examples of pertinence in human dignity identified through degenerated values? There is a difference. Again, I wish to take this question after taking blessings from him for his wisdom shared in a short class today. So I am sharing my learnings in this blog to keep my thoughts and readings updated to my blog readers. I request the blog readers to do some google search if they find anything difficult to understand because today I learned a bombarded set of great learnings and only a few questions I can share here. My takeaways from IIMA class are remaining, and I cannot write every learning here in the blog.

Thank you

Karnati Kiran

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