Learning in silence is a beautiful companion

Today my discussion in the blog is how a companion of silence can be a great enabler of the learning experience. My knowledge is beginning to take roots in ascertained quality and adjusted simplicity. There are innumerable learning platforms available in the market that teach meditation extensively. I will not teach meditation, but I wish to share my blog with readers across the continents to see a world from a different perspective. This is very important because the views of a master are defined in their simplicity or complexity but the torrential news that flows from a spiritual companion of silence. It is difficult for a differentiated opinion always to bring laurels for everyone. But it is certainly true that the greatest feedback to a master would always be in his presence either through enumerated discussions or enveloped cover. I mean to share the knowledge and teachings to spread love across generations or colleagues by the enveloped cover. The best personalities never compromise on honestly. So I wish to segregate my thoughts and bring ascertained quality to my subscribers in the form of an adopted mechanism that sees every shared value as not an interesting mechanism. So I end my today’s blog post with a simple anecdote I learned in my meditation.
Those teachings that arise from silence into the woods of the unknown always represent being present from divine laws of universal love and share values.
Thank you
Karnati Kiran.
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