The beginning of ventilated life

Did you see it? Today’s topic, which I want to write is all about technology, and it’s awareness. The brand of systematic diagnosis happens with ventilated life. Ha. I used unique systematic standards to diagnose my understanding of ventilated life. A life in which the principles of adherence towards nature is rewarded. Not only that, the particle motion happens during ventilated life, thereby accompanying growth in its economic systems. Let’s say we are given five elements towards answerability to an equation. It does not mean acceptability. It only implies a prescription. So let me dwell deeper into my understanding of ventilated life.
In economics, we learn market participants are the volumetric positions. But it is not valid. Today I wish to diagnose market participants and say diagrammatically differentiated market participants are only the preposition for volumetric analysis. So what I mean by diagrammatically differentiated are not those big tickets. It is those market participants who yield curve towards a systematic lighter way of judging the direction. So let us say we have 8000 market participants pricing a product category at 300 in the stock market. It simply means this. The average of market participants is not judging, but it is monopoly characteristics that carry the average appeared value. Did you see the difference? Market participants are those people who make it appear the average value trading at a particular level. So let us say in those 8000 participants, there is one third who does not imply any change. Around 200 participants in the market demonstrate that 300 level is the notional degree of pricing. But do you know these 200 participants make the stock market portfolio appear to be trading at 300 level? Did you get the clarity of what I am saying? Almost all the traded market values are because of those few people who diagnose the market and make it appear to be trading at a particular value. Ha. Now I said the secret. To be successful in trading while understanding markets’ behavior, what you need to keep in mind is to reflect deeply and remove the barriers that are construed to be in appearance. When you remove the seasonal glances towards the outlook of sentiments, you will own the golden throne of making money from certainty and clarity.
I wish to end this with a saying.
Deep inside the ocean of markets, the dweller changes every stone thinking it could be precious, but only a few dwellers who know the market’s depth are seen in its implied chances of giving repent than in a certainty. Trying to determine the ocean’s depth is not a negotiable instrument exactly from a terminal point of view.
Thank you.
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