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Today I wish to acknowledge what I learned in the process of orienting life towards balanced living. Do you see life is always a centric approach with a viable business model? So in today’s topic, I wish to acknowledge the meaning of sustained growth. It is not the terminology I want to discuss but what I want to share my learning in priority. Life consists of enablers in business growth. Always we see for a certainty that growth happens steadfast and then stagnates. In business terms, it is known through numerous tests and procedures. People acknowledge that growth happens steadfastly due to aggressive campaigns but slows down because of uncertainty or lack of or stagnation in acceptable policies or enigmatic value that gets entangled to success. Life is undoubtedly the same in a period.

Let’s say you are a very young startup aggressively expanding. Do we maintain sustained growth with aggressive campaigns? The real answer is a clear no. Do you know the reason even education, reality, and variously named culturally supported beings of institutions? The reason for aggressive growth is because the notion of new or notional value associated with a brand. Then various differentiated reasons bring growth stagnation because of numerous product market changes. So what I mean to portray in today’s journey of my understanding is just the way growth happens due to upfront promotions; the stagnation occurs due to loss of customer aggregate value. Did you see I used the word aggregate value because once the marketing fulfilled its bonding, there needs to be sustained effort to understand new marketing conditions? Did you know the difference? Marketing growth creates phenomena towards brand building. But the marketing needs to change with time. Why marketing needs to change with time is simply because user behavior changes with time. User behavior changes with time simply because the age at which a customer buys a product accepts the conditioning in his life, and his accustomed behavior changes. So let us say a kid becomes a customer of your product at the age of 5 years. The same kid gets promoted to a higher degree in education or state of arts, and customer-centric value to buy the same product changes. That means he will generate affinity to buy a different set of books or items at 7. So what happens in business most often is that we are concentrated on fulfilling the obligations of new incoming customers without expanding to a unique portfolio of products to keep the customer relevant. This is happening to me even few times.

Now let’s say we have a capital of 2 base point budget and we acquire 150 new customers to buy a few of your products. We spent heavily in our initial budget in marketing efforts to capture 150 new customers. And we sustainably reasoned our budget and became less aggressive to suitable suit only .5 base point budget. Now we have the same product set and a reduced budget, and the current customer’s affinity got changed in two years time frame. So ineffectiveness we cannot capture the association of old 150 customers who retired from buying old products once they purchased. And now we are not updating our product portfolio just like me for some time -:). The old customers become stagnant towards becoming new buyers because few times, they might have already got through other fulfilling entities, and the threshold value changes. For a manufacturing sector, the growth spending, unless planned thoroughly, loses its composition and fails in value enhancements leading to market, business failure. Did you see how business stagnates and planning in unadjusted design leads to disappointment? So I wish to end my topic with a charge I learned today.

Business always builds with value momentum rather than composite spending of unadjusted planning. Hence I wish to conclude today’s meditation learning is a symbolic lesson for me to upfront accept my tendency to slip into the composite journey.

 Thank you

Karnati Kiran.

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