The bid to fair equity is a transform issue related to misconceptions in vernacular speculation.

The bid to fair equity is a transform issue related to misconceptions in vernacular speculation.
In this article I wish to present my detailed views about how anticipated philosophy often fails in the tribulating stock market with presentable views. In theory, many philosophies govern due to change. But truth handles the opinion
in a probably distancing way. 
Did I say vernacular speculation? Yes. Why not. In theory and practice, the formula for successful entity-relationship always follows the randomness and cohesive integral theorem. Did you understand I used cohesively as a result of seeking prerogative and detrimental formulaic theories? The often knowledgeable segregation is overly dualistic and challenging. The momentum and RSI or transformational indicators are subjugated through products, and often no theoretical definition. The frequent subjective and objective cross-checks in the specified altogether supplemental segregation always follow anticipated yet redundant challenges. Thanks to the usual red bars in the Fengshui say this. When the energy of the dialogue is calculated with rhine or better-subjugated philosophy, it leads to failure. The writing of methods in financial distress gets carried with the point of sale or pointed significance. I will end my meditational insights with one understandable theorem in my trading or investing philosophy mathematics.

The changes in the stock market are always by undercurrent waves tribulating with great philosophical identity. The identity is not superfluous by certainty and categorical misnomer.

The blue sky often resembles the air density as a proclamation or usually withdrawn energy equations.

Thank you
Karnati Kiran

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