The country-driven by labor productivity and economic class values

Do you see my today’s topic for discussion on my blog about labor productivity as envisaged by economic principles driven by managerial competencies in top positions of a country? I made an essential point about class values. What are class values in interpretation from dictionaries is different from my judgment in meditation.
Come with me today, and I will show you. Today I learned at IIMA reading assignment books about the international significance of performing trades and so on. I am reflecting; my question is, does calculating opportunity cost, economically equitable, are driving all human existence. The answer is partially correct. I will not talk about my learnings which are personal takeaways of the most significant value. But let me bring exciting observations on human behavior related to economic implications. That is where class values come into the picture. Do you see a class value as a competition when regarded not as a commodity for sale but as an intrinsic value that embodies the principles of universal compassion? Did you see my point driving the economy with respect is more valuable than driving the economy with pure mathematical arguments? I see mostly in the lead roles, which lead as few integral political leaders try to argue every sentiment towards numbers and propel the conversation and strategies of political advantage in calculated monetary values. Does it drive well being of people who do not understand all decisions driven by these political classes? It is an essential and valuable debate probably to understand the difference between class value and economic value. How do we drive leadership with efficiency in understanding both arguments is through structured data probably. What is this structured data? Data that is valuable to bring adjusted procedures that define an argument to augment disturbing sequence of economic numbers with ascertained principles of judgment and surrogate principles of the outward discipline. Do you see when a political leadership understands the difference between economic numbers, which differentiate economic values towards intrinsic values that determines the quality of conversation and quality of respect? That is where all the differences matter in decision-making. A political leader cannot become a businessman to calculate digits and become outwardly intelligent to loot the opportunity to be in a confidential post. I see many times the decisions that drive the leadership are not on intrinsic judgment of ethical integrity but based on calculations through judgment.
I wish to end which principles of decision longs for the more extensive period. Are the decisions taken for calculated economic value or integrity in ethical values? What do people remember for an extended period? Do people remember a timely decision taken with integrity and ethics, or do people remember for an extended period for decisions taken for calculated numbers being in the confidential post?
One might argue life is a preamble to learn from the pleasures of having undoubtedly small. Still, it is not the correct orientation in which we might have developed our knowledge for the better composition of human divergence and human compassion.
Thank you
Karnati Kiran
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