The degree of often periodic disturbances

The livelihood concerns of nations in different geographical locations sanitize improvements into categories. Did you see what I said? I used the word category. The only type of frustrated people during a pandemic is to be captivated by traditional means of support. Did you see my point of view? Any misguided nation tends to prioritize the improvements undertaken with circular formulas. Did you notice I again used the word circular? The reason for circular procedures is negotiable and straightforward. The process steps ordained in circular formulas often have tendencies to protract into livelihood concerns. Let me explain my point of view in tracking the circular notion of appealing brothers and sisters. In every part of colonization, a unique thread is often used to tie the mud(earth) with the intestine of hunger.
Did you see what I mean by circular formulae? The nation whose principles are connected with torque often results in creating circular procedures into livelihood behavior. Let’s say the country’s top priority is health, education, and livelihood, to name a few. The circular formulae tie these functions to the administrative ability to accomplish challenges in implementation. So when livelihood concerns are targetted with the specificity of change and behavior, it gives results. Now, most nations do not understand the task force to implement category wise challenges. Did you see the category wise challenges are principles and not priorities? Did you see again I used the word principles and not subjects of expertise. Implementing principles of types bring ordained differences in livelihood rather than an easy way to accomplish the subjective or objective expedite solutions. So I wish to clarify any country subject to exceptions; those who categorize principles as priorities rather than the classification of need-based spending will flourish in the economic upheaval. Did you see I used the word economic upheaval? Simply because the categories based on necessities often show a tendency of success in the short term but will fail to bring surplus water and belongingness to it’s ruled nation. The viable principles are the foundation for every artwork of prioritization.
In nature, the second most priority is water. The earth element in water carries a siphon of color. Color tends to bring abundance in rainfall. The quantity in the rain just cannot be understood by scientists. Lot in rainfall occurs at the differential ability of circumstance-based ability to prioritize the nation’s founding principles rather than the accustomed negotiated dilemma of fruitful disorganized themes of surroundings. More I shall write if I have pertaining understanding upon sequential dates.
Thank you
Karnati Kiran
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