The inundated nature of great living beings

Being privileged is often a symptom of carrying responsibility. The waves in the ocean are made with tremendous velocity. In this article, I describe my courage to understand the precautions or dilutions to the actual process associated with thinking of divinity in its formless being.
The big difference between animals and living beings is Animals are differentiated by their philosophy of touch to the adrenalin. At the same time, humans or stalwart creatures are distinguished by their emancipation.
Thou art liberal does not include being in writing. Those great or innumerable sacrifices in a ceremony lead the path to Vaikunta or Celestial light. I will explain more profound the philosophy of life and procreated life after that.
Known Beatles are wrong in their appearance.
Unknown Beatles are strongly divulged in their voice.
The culmination of life starts with Birth. The same differential daughters or sons who crave societal change will have differentiated life.
Oh! What is this proclamation of charging? Do you know I used the word charging? Charging is a symptom of death. While charging is a symptom of life. Today the widespread proclaimed living standards are charging end while charging living. How is it possible? It is possible because the most incredible known wisdom always carries unknown factors in rebirth. Why strange because available are sedimentary.
How can known be sedimentary? It is because the wallet of change of specimen is carried with anger or culmination of patriotic songs. Oh! Patriotic songs. Yes, the waver of charging is caused by patriotic songs. How can? It is merely the inundated nature aggravated the pain of passers-by. The literature says the offering done to the decreed will always emancipation the occurrence of mistaken identity.
Amen. Amen does not signify faith.
Amen signifies faith of promise.
Thank you.

Karnati Kiran

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