The known and unknown parameters of a forex trading

Today I will dive into the ocean of uncertainty and bring some sense to my learning in my meditation. Though there are innumerable answers in my subconscious mind fluttering thoughts and undefined judgments, I want to leave my audience with clarity in what I learned from reading in my library at IIMA and consolidating my interpretation and sharing with my bloggers.

Trading involves five significant segments. The unique values preposition as understood by central governing bodies in all the proprietary trading firms does not exist. It is only noise that brings unique value preposition as if exists but in triviality; there is not. Do you see I am contradicting all significant institutes of high origin in their thinking? But the truth is for consistency. Underline consistency; there is no unique value proposition. Do you see why this contradicts all major accomplished organizations is because of its simplicity? Let me explain my learnings deeply in the library of specific authors.

Due to erroneous understanding, people or institutional investors mistake noise as a unique value proposition in trading. Yes, true that USP is a differentiating factor for many individuals and long terms investors. Did you use two terms in defining USP? USP is a factorial approach that allocates and deallocates funds based on a long-term overview. So Unique value proposition is applicable only for long-term and medium-term investment strategies. But in intraday trading, even the most sophisticated investors fail to understand this concept that brings them losses. Due to this misunderstanding, they always want to hedge their funds in such a manner to gain profitability through USP. But sooner they will understand their USP is noise and not in brutality.

Let me explain what defines USP for an intraday trader. Volume metrics calculate USP in definition towards preventive measures. What are these preventive measures that are not to be revealed here due to public opinions?

So let me bring some clarity to my blog readers to reflect deeply. Why do sophisticated institutional investors fail to bring USP and gain intraday because those are assumptions and not hydraulic laws?

I have given a clue trading in intraday works as a hydraulic law. What are those hydraulic laws are universal driven composure unless there is direct interference.

So let me give an example of what I meant by hydraulic laws. Do you see television and the internet are not only portals, but they carry interception and intelligence? What is the intelligence behind these marketing portals is well known? So hydraulic laws bring an arrangement of sequential numbers in a temporial characteristic that gets abbreviated with changes to laws of universal values. Do you see numbers in the hydraulic laws are parameters that drive the engine, a sophisticated engine in the forex market? These sophisticated engine works with some universal principles to ordain and compress noise to adjust to a universal exhibition of values. So in truth, people are confused about seeking profits as a significant component of getting into trading. But the truth is profit is a peripheral term that gets associated with hydraulic law. So compression is a measurement of how well the market performs in the defined constraints. The compressed models seem to have aggravated profits that people understand as a mistaken USP. In truth, for large overseas markets, hydraulic laws are operational. For a small overseas market, what defines the portions of profits is calculated by innumerable parameters that cannot appropriately hedge the risk.

So in definition, profits are temporal characteristics of hydraulic laws. At the same time, profits are accounting principles that get associated with peripheral hedges. So thinking there is a standard defined USP in any trading results from failure to understand the proclaimed interlinked procedures. So let me bring an insight I learned in the library today.

The valuation techniques are not valid when accustomed values are interfered with by innumerable factors. So I do not have clarity here yet. But when universal market conditions are measured, they are dependent on various constraints. Those constraints are interlinked with each other in relatively appeared dogma but have some standard interlinking parameters. How do we measure these common interlinking parameters? I will discuss briefly here and end my conversation with the capability to overly not discuss in public opinion forums as there is a danger for unnecessary discussions that will carry a loss to the research I am doing.

So let me conclude. Whenever you see a universal proclamation of only digits, it will have three hemispherical characteristics in its overview.

They are probably not risky but need what forms as USP when X deviates from it in time Z. Reason is that USP is long term and not short term. Then what defines short term is an enabler and disabler of characteristics in universal parameter diagram. These universal patterns are primarily rigid and change only with frequencies. What are these frequencies are universal prayers that get calculated into temporal equations that define weather and atmosphere. So hence I want to conclude in short-term trading, there cannot be USP for consistent results as understood by major proprietary trading firms. But yes, USP is present for long-term and medium-term trading.

For short-term trading, the usp calculates numbers and hydraulic digits and theories of the universe for large data sets. Underline, I am only talking in this blog about large data sets. I am not writing in this blog for undetermined or unexperimented data sets. So I will end with what I learned today in my reading in the library with my interpretation.

Large data sets do not USP in day trading unless a sudden political or other related appraisals or damages occur. So this is where people in the trading industry need to be aware of if they are conducting those activities for profits. But yes, valid for large data sets, you can find USP using defined physics and geometry concepts. We rarely find such masters who understand those continuously changing laws in geometry, circular geometry, or triangular geometry. These rare individuals succeed but identifying them is relatively very highly difficult, including me. So the learning in me never stops to understand more intrinsically what those underlying concepts define universal patterns that are rigid. I know a few, but I cannot establish them in blog or writing.

Thank you

Karnati Kiran

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