The notion of expansiveness is it, in its theoretical value?

Today’s topic is enumerated and designated as two differences of opinions in upfield market participants. The layers of the environment are protective and repulsive. Did you see I brought three underlining concepts for my blog readers? They are layers, protective and repulsive. Let me bring insights into my understanding of the expansive portion of the environment from unequivocal literature.
Today I had a class at IIM Ahmedabad discussion regarding marketing aspects of a fundamental organizational problem. After listening to the class attentively, I thought around or better reflected on the expansive portion of the environment: marketing or a dialect of marketing. However, I do not have the answer; people may wonder what I am trying to understand. Is cosmic environment expands to accommodate neutrality of various components of its innovativeness to meet demands of various attested meaningful enterprises that are large and influential in this universal eco-system?
Do you see my thought variance? In business, it could be simple marketing a layered approach. But nature understands universal problems better than what we could imagine or interpret. This means nature is trying to be in the expansive mode of universal intelligence to accommodate customers(different entities in universal programming) in a dialect or marketing profitability.
Yes, I feel that marketing profitability is the way towards the expansive nature of universal law. This may surprise some of the spirituality or also communists or also advocates of not-profit entities. But the truth is, why does nature expand its universal creations starting with standardized portions of customer(entity) values in a profitable, sustainable, accommodate, inclusive and intrinsic judgment.
The reason is that profitability brings self-sustainable and non-collapsible relationships in universal creation. Did you see my point always it is difficult or undermining challenging to collapse the entire universal creation oblique without human-made collapses due to poor authoritative languages?
If we protect nature to become self-sustainable, it implies economies flourish to see the comprehensive understanding of nature’s behavior to our healing solutions. Did you see my point of view?
If nature does innovate, its consciousness to become a profitable knowledgeable enterprise will collapse with external implied pressures of enigmatic creation.
So it is surprising but profitable in the endured way of rewarding the best is the process of expansive nature in its qualitative terms.
The question arises how is profitability measured for nature’s balance sheet! It is tough to think about this question. Still, profitability for nature might include empirical equation that factors innumerable components such as components of breaths(pure air), components of diseases(newborn), components of lives expectancies, components of surplus in natural resources such as water in various forms, components of biological changes to new births including all life forms, components of secluded individuals of practical value(sages), components of wisdom and growth in knowledge base centers, components to the economic value of inclusive growth, components of shelter to all living entities(do you see every living entity has nature protected shelter in the form of some way of economic value), components of diseases and rehabilitation centers, components of best affordable clothes, components of industrialization and components of universal values. Do you see there are innumerable factors that get calibrated into economic profitability of empirical equation for a natures balance sheet in accounting standards? I tried to portray my thoughts after listening to marketing class today at IIM Ahmedabad.
I will end with an anecdote and wisdom.
Just the way of principles that govern profitable businesses that are rewarding the most appropriate nature understands all creature’s problems better than what we define as humans. Still, the healing happens through our attitude in its being inhabitants.
So for the question, does nature calibrate the profitability of its enterprise. The answer is yes in its accounting balance sheet through empirical formulae.
Thank you
Karnati Kiran
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