The ordained destiny of Mahabharata.

    1.  Lord Sri Krishna was on the side of Pandavas since victory was on the side of Pandavas.


    1. Arjuna was the middle of the Pandavas. He was a friend and relative of Lord Srikrishna. Lastly, he was a devotee of Lord Sri Krishna.


    1. The Chariot on which both the friends are seated had been donated by Agni(the fire god) to Arjuna. The chariot was capable of conquering all sides where ever it was drawn over the three worlds.


    1. Lord Krishna blew the conch shell called Panchajanya. Arjuna blew the Devadatta. The sounding of the transcendental conch shell indicated that there was no hope of victory for the other side because Lord Krishna was on the side of Pandavas 


    1. White horses. The five horses are the senses.

    * The individual is the passenger, and intelligence is the driver. The mind is the driving instrument, and the senses are the horses. A healthy mind is supposed to be controlled by yoga, but it isn’t easy. The easiest way to control the mind, as suggested by Lord Chaithanya, is chanting Hare Krishna, the great mantra.


    Karnati Brahmaiah.

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