Theoretically speaking, life is a composure of economic freedom attained

In this topic, I wish to identify my learnings in meditation not related to my classroom takeaways? But a simple thought of how great personalities build their character is defined through a portion of systematic differences. Every portion of my learning is personal, and not attribute it to any typological or grammatical, or wrong understanding. I am just presenting my learnings to my blog readers to keep them updated in my journey towards exploring the infinite no-self wisdom of the greatest seers. Theories say that life composure belongs to elements of southern or portions of environmental degree. The economy of blood cells is defined through enumerative experiences or knowledgeable wisdom through choice. Every human composure has a choice to live a life of disdained concepts of teachings of his seers or through possible points of learnings and choices as he grows. What is essential to learn is the choice we make without getting influenced by circumstances or evidence of human interaction with surroundings. We could choose to be in the following of rituals based on birth. It is significant and highly trusted. Do you often see seers of the ocean take a ritual of trust as a choice by birth or choice by initiation? It does mean they trust their human analysis or intuition for seeking those objectives which are imbibed in them through the educational process in their respective religions. This is a way towards the most extraordinary knowledge. An economy cannot say or redefine their choices and make them feel in an atmosphere of lack of sympathy or lack of shared composure in values. So there is the human element that economic

theories or values cannot compromise. That human element is what we call spirituality, the presence of universal masters in the accompanied individual. So I wish to leverage my choice is to see the austere atmosphere of the presence of universal masters in my belonged life to guide me in the path of truth and in the path of choices that make or bring long-term dividends to my loved and belonging truth of trust.

Thank you

Karnati Kiran.

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