Untouchability as cultural diversity

Today I am writing about cultural diversity caused due to untouchability. I apologize; I am not talking about banned untouchability in constitutional laws. Today I wish to bring clarity towards untouchability as widely misunderstood by economists all around the world. Hahaha. There are two types of untouchability in the economics of human values tied with growth. Today I wish to bring some clarity on untouchability as a synonym for economic activity. I hope you will keep it secret only to you as a reader of my blog. Untouchability in economics has three variants. The first variant is known as appeared rationality. The second radiance in philosophy. The third variant atmosphere of equality and judgment. How these three correlate with each other, I will try to formulate my opinion.
Any nation has treasures of its golden goose. Did you see golden goose is something that consistently brings profitability? But do you see golden goose is an untouchable element in economic activity? Why? Because all golden goose, if it is outright phenomena, will lose its opulence. Only as long as the golden goose is untouchable only then it becomes consistent profitable. The profitability of golden goose in the long term, probably at the radiance of 10 to 15 years, happens through bringing non-operative compliance. Did you see I used the word non-operative? It is non-operative compliance that brings profitability in a consistent manner across sectors. Did you see if an entity starts meddling with golden goose without getting an independent thought process, the profitability if golden goose disappears in dismay? There could be enough historical evidence on untouchable golden goose giving profitability consistent across generations. It does not mean we need to have wrong untouchables. It only means when we combine caution, it brings profitability. Thank you for all your careful procedures for demanding my external specificity. The knowledge of being centered in in-depth outsight process of complaisant precautions brings certainty in the character of being serendipity of often living judgments. I reiterate untouchability is not a constitutional method of disadvantage in economic parameters in the appropriate language. It means merely untouchables are precious diamonds and precious talent, adorable art galleries, precious cinematography, precious diamond heritage, and so on. So keep lively and keep enjoying a life of beautiful appearance in principle parties.
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