What needs to be done to stop stock market collapse urgently.

Untimely schedules and irrevocable policies can only lead to hygiene trends in the stock market. The solution to stop the stock market crash is described in this article.

Overloading assets should be squeezed in us stock market for long term interest and propelled growth. This is for Usa GDP.

At the same time over valued assets should be decentralized and released from hierarchical norms so that there existence does not become perennial.

The valuation and reevaluation should not be carried in the interest of structural and distributional charges.

Changes to ever growing symptoms needs to overly spaced.

Assets reclassification should be done urgently to avoid blood bath.
The new classification table should not be premier. It should not classify based on performance metrics.
The reason for this is the performance of deteriorating wealth are stipulated with categories that might become endangered.
The situation demands non linear and separate precautions that will improve in coming decades.
In the viability matrix the reduction of relatively downward region should be marked with prominence and differential ability.
The swift and appended codes should be reevaluated for written off or procedural changes that carry precautions and enable written and occupational judgement.
In the prerogative and secluded values of detrimental and policy collapse needs to be avoided.
More in next few articles.
Karnati Kiran
14+ years of Industrial clients of very high reputation.
10+ years of successful experience in trading forex.
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