When beneath the structure, we find sun rays

Hahaha. Today’s topic is really agnostic and also altruistic. Similarly, I wish to acknowledge that science a few times exactly behaves like that in the header. Do you know what? Every naturally grown structural mountain has prehistory of a mythical beginning. Do you ever wonder why it is so? Simply because nature always fore-steps itself to bring rain through prehistorical myths. Ha. I said something which scientists never agree to. Do you see a master’s eyes look to the substantial evidence? Simultaneously, scientists try to interpret the religious chords that connect their mental agony that fore relates to an assembly of theoretical synopsis? Do you see, every nation has pre-historical evidence of their forefathers. But what they do not wish to divulge is keen internal cosmos works with the age-old secret of living beautifully and living together. Did you see the difference? I said, probably with stringent clarity living beautifully and living together. Did you see mountains in western ghats or mountains in the Himalayas? The rocks or solid ice is made over. Ha. I used the word made over instead of using the time-consuming relationship of what scientists call by. Do you see the difference between master’s eyes that always deal with Unilever’s adjustment co-junction beginnings of sophisticated upbringing? So let me clarify the first assumption I made mountains are made over by the trilogy of its origins in humanity’s history. How did pluralistic terms got made over is a difficult question which I cannot answer even in public blogs like mine? Only it will deteriorate my reputation. The concluding statement I have is how do you link and understand the theories maintained in secrecy for very long historical relationships. Simply through algorithms. The way of nature is to pretend the equitable laws across all regions. Yes, true. But only possible in divine laws. So let me conclude my writing here with an insightful message. That is.
When beneath the structure, we find sun rays
So what I mean by that is when a courageous fight towards peace efforts are carried out. It will lead to disorganized layers of plants or animals to fruit the symptoms of great beginnings from principled layers of seeking almighty, who is one through whom all relationships bring and conclude to a fruitful yet subjective incremental deviation of upbringing and judgemental. Sun rays are light of knowledge through which spectrum shows the rainbow of lights and colors of beautiful existential precautionary implicit relationships between humans and justice.

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