When life is a syndrome

Today I wish to include some purposeful prerogative dilemma towards bringing footprints of accolades. Though there is a unique combination of life’s purpose. Often not young divulge like me into unknown territories of planting purposeful dilemma. Haha. Did you see life’s purpose somewhere dances in the sky with ambitions to reach dark knights? But do you see life is full of surprises when a person wakes up watching nature, which is a lesson in every form? For the observer, even a melting pot is an observation of unique distinguished. Although I saw innumerable courageous faces in my life, I did not observe or say I am yet to inculcate beauty to listen to surroundings with attention and awareness. So come with me. I will show how magnificent radiant it is to observe a simple sales conversation. Why sales. Because that is where my blog focuses around. During a trip to an adjacent shop, I saw a variety of sprouts with unique identifiers. Name confidential. Though the sprouts are identically similar, there is a name tag with the price written in for each. Did you see life is enigmatic to see the differences in prices? Today I observed there are three classifications of buckets to which prices belong to. This is done probably unknowing to the shop keeper. But I did observe the price buckets rage for different varieties of sprouts. Price bucket one is a range between 2 to 50INR. Price bucket two is from 56INR to 59INR. Price bucket three is enigmatic from 59INR to 89 INR. Did you see these calculations for price buckets is done by me rather than shop keeper arranged the price buckets without his formulae? But I did observe an extraordinary correspondence in those calculated price buckets and how economic activity is linked to those sprouts with unique identifiers. Though my observation is simple, it has a deterministic policy based on a universal theorem in current covid situations, which I wish to forecast. Life is simply extraordinary with this simple observation resulting in awe moment momentarily. Let me get back to macroeconomics with this observation. Price buckets are widely used instruments to categorize and symbolically unite together with a group of products. What is peculiar about the observation is that whenever a product category changes the price bucket, it will have a universal impact in calculating a country’s GDP. Rather say price buckets are what that cherishes the blueprint for growth in the economy. Today the price buckets I observed are universally linked to charges and interest payments of farmers and merchants. But what is done unconsciously is grouping. Now let me go deeper. Price bucket one is universally known by knowledgeable professors as enigmatic color in northern digital synonym. What I mean is in numerological studies, the first challan paid to the outlier lies to the opposite of the digital process. So it means in numerology, the equilibrium portion of certain coefficients of hardships is related to price bucket one. It means the products sold in price bucket one are derived through very high hardships from treacherous methods of organizational numbers. Similar price bucket two is derived through volumetric composition rather than qualitative analysis. Did you see a neurological study of price bucket two that says that the derived products are curtailed through volume measurements rather than qualitative measurements? Price bucket three has profited at a poor disadvantage because of liquid losses. Did you see I used the word liquid losses because those are merchant denominators to tax exemptions rather than changes to value portion? Did you see now when we correspond these observations rationally upward sequence to calculate GDP? Neither will form an upward trajectory through sales. Did you see I said neither will show an upward trajectory? Because neither of those improves someone’s life in particular. Why simply because the consumption at the end-user will either directly relate to neither improved health nor nutritious values nor to the economic progress of the farmers. I am listing my observations to the policymakers that unless the qualitative difference is made in productivity, procurement, and supply, there will not be economic prosperity. If a low-quality product is sold for a differential profit. The consumed person will have differentiated health or nutritious values. And merchant will appear profitable, but he will lose the customer in the long term. Then he will lose his reputation and brand degradation similarly resulting in losses in the long term. The economy will fail when banks or financial institutes will not understand the charge of lending or improving qualitative figures to the merchants who show rather immediate business. Then GDP will alter at tax in-completeness due to failure to nurture while relatively young at decision making. The final resonance falls on policymakers for being ignorant to nurture when that family charges fail to produce qualitative or remarkable excellence. Did you see how a price bucket at a macroeconomics level results in enigmatic failure at the level of countries progressive nature? More later. I conclude by saying that the following underlining quality in production and price functionaries results in long-term macro fundamentals growth.


Thank you,
Karnati Kiran
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