When the disturbances in markets

Today I am overwhelmed to see the beautiful cultural diversity that appears prerogative to the silence of universal masters. The prerogative portion is the definition of answering to a compulsive formula. Let me bring what I mean by the compulsive formula in the economics of universal laws. There are three types of compulsive formulae. The one which brings economic prosperity is linked with these three. Today come with me on the journey towards economic progression. The first and foremost compulsive formula is Zelda dynamics. Did you see Zelda dynamics is a statistic program-related directly to the absorptive capacity of natural water? Did you see the composition of water remains in the same degree of compulsive formulae due to economic activity? Today, I wish to prerogatively describe how water quality decides a region’s probable diagram’s economic activity. Water is a consumptive element in humans, animals, and plants. And it is absorbed by non-living entities. But water consumption by living authorities disciplines the compulsive nature of the economic activity. So come with me. I will show how. Water in its ionized form takes a proclaimed state of hydrated energy rather. The same water recomposes itself to filament the hydraulic energy. This means water is distributed in various channels to prepare the region’s stable economic activity. Similarly, water consumption is directly related to economic prosperity. Let me tell you how. Water is relevant in day to day life of the common man. But the water is needed in the production of various consumable items as a prescribed industrial oil. I used the word relatively to speak as oil because I want to say decomposed water used in manufacturing purposes in an element such as ingredient oil. Similarly, the distributive channels to supply water into towns, villages, cities, etc., is a measurement protocol. An economic activity supported by water in various forms is regarded as a greater supply unit. This means water consumption is a divisive part of all the radiant principles accolades to a degree of a supportive environment. So drinking water is a prerequisite of purified methods. So an economic activity in a region conducted by ingredient water has inflation principles. The policymakers want free distribution, supply, and other relative parameters today; the energy is created through a proportional category. Simply this means economic activity supported by water enumerates living conditions. Did you see I said enumerates living conditions? So the distribution channels need to be irrevocably planned such that efficient usage of water dialects the economic empowerment. Today we see there is a direct relationship between economic doldrums and its ascertaining principles. Though theoretically backlashed by political oppression, the water as a category element needs to be supplied in a well proportionate and efficient manner. There is a dialect between water shortage with water composure. Did you see I used the word a composite because radiance in economic returns are based on how well energy dialect gets supplied? Did you see all these are well-known components in policymakers? But I am trying to present similar views in most analytical arguments. Water subsides three August months. This is because of the ovary in nature. Similarly, water reiterates in three months it is because the liver in it’s apprenticeship. Similarly, water in the body gradually removes toxins. A well-known fact. Theologists or experimental physicians not well understood that water removes toxins not because of its hydrated nature but because water envelops circumstance-based category. So in principle, water has certain ovary characteristics that dissolve its composure. Now why water dissolves, certain composures is not a dialect physics. It is because universal matter needs a liquid foundation to flow. To keep the universe moving forward, water changes its color through various dissolving substances. So forefront technologies heed water as a good solvent. But why does matter need a good solvent is very well known to physics. In simplicity, water is engrained with universal energy to hold in its composure. The quality of universal energy is to bring changes to the atmosphere and cultural norms through evaporative methods. In simple, the universal law says being accertain in category needs a dissolvent, so water appears to cure nature’s problem with being a solvent. Such precious water, which encompasses whole creative energy, needs to be priced differently for different needs. Did you see my argument differently for different needs? Water whose composure is taking organic structure for medical vehicles needs to be free. Why because medicine is a priority and top of the hierarchy for services. Similarly, water whose substance is used in daily parcels needs to be free. That is where economic activity happens. Water for industrial purposes has to be priced based on categories of specific industries. That is how efficient usage begins. Water for household drinking water based on opening pages needs to be priced or marked free. I mean that water needs to be protected for efficient usage parameters rather than simply understanding and waving for all economic purposes. Abundance is created by using water efficiently rather than percolated policy hearings. What I want to protect my view is energy efficiency is achieved through using water efficiently. And I see a pattern in houses of incumbents where every light is gone with exorbitant taxes. No. That is not the way for economic prosperity. Economic prosperity begins with educating children on the needs of so many who suffer for lack of that one single drop. So having said that, I am not proposing a solution to articulate village propulsion. Still, I am bringing my strong opinion that whose cultures manage water very efficiently as a substantial growth of an individual family they nurture beautiful, sublime results. Now the drained conditions of the water are well known to economists and hydro departments across universities. I will like to conclude with a statement. Water is an ingredient oil for economic activity. Efficient water usage relates to success in a family to success in regions prosperity through innumerable questions.

Thank you
Karnati Kiran

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