When the organized entity fails

Today in my topic, I wish to present why organized entities fail during a pandemic for reasons innumerable. However, there are 100+ reasons why managed entities fail during a pandemic situation like what we are facing now. During the period of scheduled procedures, the truth is the organized entities found a strong reason to succeed. Did you see every organized entity is conceptual in its value proposition? Today I wish to strengthen why managed entities are doing breakthrough value creation in many parts of the world, including ours. There are many differentiated reasons why they are supporting from the bottom of the pyramid. There are innumerable reasons that success is an ordained concept. But let me show one reason why the policies are holding from enthralled success. Are you ready to listen? Come with me. I will show how.
Whenever an emergent situation brings uncertainties like a pandemic, the first contravention point is a significant breakthrough or innovation. But do you know design is as essential as the positional value? What I mean by positional value is to fill the vacuum created by the loss. Did you see my point of the contraption? The vacuum created by unorganized sectors has to be filled with stalwarts. That is where we are lack in our structured enterprises. Every structured enterprise determines priorities based on business value and growth. That is where we are failing. The vacuum created with honor is reciprocal to business value. Did you see the difference? There is a vacuum. There are business goals. Business goals are trying to build innovative and most state of the art technologies and principles. But are we filling the void? There is a vacuum created by the loss of so many congratulations. Instead of focusing on demand made by changes in value creation, we are trying to appropriately develop innovative technologies and innovative differential state of the art technologies. We are failing to recognize the business value and the value chain associated with the growth. So come with me. I will show an example. Let’s say a daily wage household requires 100 Rs to buy his/her business needs. So if we give him 5 Rs, he will spend it on unnecessarily complicated drinks or not supposedly all. But if suppose we increase his daily income by say 30%. Then what happens he proceeds to a shop to buy 30 Rs worth of necessary goods. Do we see if we increase his income proportionately by five more percent, then he goes to a table and probably spends for his wife and family? Now let say we increase his value by another 10%, then he goes to buy a refresher.
Similarly, let us say we increase the value of a middle-class person by a substantial amount of 6000 Rs. Then he buys for his family, friends, and probably his/her kids. Did you see the clarity I am bringing at the macroeconomic level? Now let us say we increase the value of a rich person. He has his pretension plans. It was such identifying business needs. Did you see economic progress happens, to move a daily wage worker to a higher value chain with careful decentralization? Did you notice I used the word decentralization for a powerful reason of a contrary overview? Let us say we try to understand the business of the necessary conditions for families’ progression from below the value chain to the advanced economy. Suppose we start listing down all those numerous business components and try to build business strictly at those intervals of growth-oriented targeting. In that case, that is where business happens for economic compulsion. I wish to project the differentiating aspect that it is equally essential for organized entities to lead the supply chain mechanism through innovation. But for an individual at the bottom of the pyramid to use those highest innovative products, there is a gap. It does not happen suddenly in a day or two. It needs decades of planning and execution, educating and improving lives and businesses. This is how the economy grows with strong fundamentals. Did you see how the vacuum created if it can be filled? That is where economic growth happens at the bottom of the pyramid. It is not as easy as suggested because it needs policies and participation from different sectors and platitudes. I hope I made my point clear. To the distinguished people, we need the justification of reliability and congruent processes.
Thank you.
Karnati Kiran
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