Why CAA is justified according to Indian Constitution.

Citizenship Amendment Act

The form given is not to be taken literally in its entirety. The constitution fundamentals say the peon or president has equal rights specific to religion and secular credentials.

The notion of losing the interpretation is not to be conclusive or accertain. The theories should not be read with literal meaning. This means the secular nation, which propounds the curtailment and definition, seems to be valid. So let me explain my understanding of CAA from constitutional values. Please pardon my mistakes, if any.

Today there is broad spread curtailment of freedom in the form of free expression. The digital economy must be formulated in strong constitutional values and respect with dignity to follow any specific cast, creed, or religion. Only the secular nation with the stamp of the religious chord in the is valued system should not be taken with literal meaning. I did not study CAA, but I received my ignorance from dilemma and confusion.

1. Amendment done towards religious sentiments should not be taken with literal meaning.

Thank you
Karnati Kiran 
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October 10, 2020


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