Yesterday, I went out through sleepy eyes and busy schedules.

Today I wish to write a blog about something particular to my education. I probably wish to share with my blog readers that I got selected into one of the most prestigious IIM Ahmedabad programs. Saying this, I wish to acknowledge my most profound thankfulness to all those people around me who made this happen in a very tough competition.
Life itself is a gesture of fulfilling dreams. I have been dreaming of studying in a prestigious institute now for a very long time. So it is for me a dream fulfilled with one wish of being part of an ascertained community of brightest souls.
Saying this, here I have dealt. The deal is whoever brings cheers into the half-boiled tumbler will get a special acknowledgment in my blog. Did you see I used the word half-boiled tumbler because of a reason? Boiled tumbler is a variable in ascertaining quality in the life of destitute poor. So let’s not go deep into those subjects to keep interesting things always adhered to. Let’s say I wish to come back to my original topic of how yesterday’s life went in my busy schedules.
Yesterday I woke up as usual but a little before my regular time. But the quality of sleep did not deteriorate. Only my time spent in sleep decreased. I had come across different modules to read and prepare for my subsequent follow-up class. This made sure I had enough plan for the rest of the day.
But do you know I did not follow the plan? The plan was to study for the background preparation, but I have spent my time with the high melody of office and preamble work. Preamble work is personal to my startup. So I had woke up at 3 AM and had to spend time till midnight, yet with incomplete work patterns. So I enjoyed doing what I want to do in my life because that brought me satisfaction on how my time was spent on priority items. I wish to conclude my typical day was not as busy but yes very satisfied.
But with this new caveat of getting selected to one of the most prestigious programs globally, my life is taking a good turn for the rest of my life, molded by the most outstanding professors in the world.
Thank you
Karnati Kiran.
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